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On November 10, the two GenEvo PIs Julian K├Ânig and Romain Libbrecht gave an example of how GenEvo Chalk Talks are structured: In a 15 min presentation each GenEvo PhD student presents the research project of their GenEvo PhD buddy to the PhD student community, followed by discussions on the project. In December, the first GenEvo PhD students gave their Chalk Talks.

Besides getting to know more about the projects of their colleagues this is also a format to learn how to deal with the common situation in science to briefly outline a research idea.

Usually, we wanted to start with the Chalk Talks on-site, but due to the increasing COVID infection rates, we decided to switch to a hybrid format. In this format, the  presenting PhD buddies will stand in front of a whiteboard in a meeting room on-site to give their presentations. The community will stream this online.

Erwann Collin presents the research project of his PhD buddy.