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This summer, in August, the interim evaluation of our RTG took place, where our current and former PhD students, associated PhD students and new PIs had the chance to present their project results and future research plans to the DFG review board.

The first day included a short introductory talk by the spokespersons, three presentations by GenEvo PhD students, as well as a 2-hour poster session. Afterwards, all PhD students and alumni met in a closed session with the review board to share their experiences in GenEvo so far.
On day 2, after a brief welcome by the Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics, our PIs participated in a plenary discussion with the review board. In addition to our PhD students, invited guests from the university, administrative staff and one representative of the Ministry of Science and Health of Rhineland-Palatinate were also present.
After two intensive days with excellent performances by all participants, but especially by all our PhD students and alumni, participants then went into their well-deserved summer break.

Finally, in November, the DFG announced its decision to extend our Research Training Group GenEvo! We are looking forward to another 4 ½ exciting years of research, lively interactions, exciting workshops, trainings and symposia - and a third cohort of PhD students!

1st cohort PhD students Katterinne, Alejandro (alumnus) & Shamitha

2nd cohort PhD students Léonore, Annika & Luca

Associated PhD students Anna, Erwann & Marah (alumnus)