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An important aspect of PhD students’ training is the practical skills training. In collaboration with IMB’s Core Facilities and UMC’s Translational Animal Research Center, GenEvo offers hands-on courses on key methods and technologies. Due to the high relevance for GenEvo topics, the courses in “Biostatistics” and “Hypothesis development & experimental design” are compulsory (*).  Introductory lectures and practical courses on other topics are optional.

In addition to the training provided through these practical courses, the participating PhD students are also supported by the central technology platforms of JGU’s and IMB’s Core Facilities, which  offer a range of state-of-the-art services, equipment and technologies in key areas, including ancient DNA, bioinformatics, cytometry, genomics, advanced microscopy and histology, protein production and proteomics. These specialised facilities and their expert staff ensure that ambitious projects can be driven forward rapidly and successfully. Importantly, they also enable groups to apply new approaches to their research without having to invest time and money in establishing them themselves.