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04 - 06 May 2021

The GenEvo mid-term event „Gene Regulation in Evolution“ presented a series of international renowned speakers that addressed the question how gene regulatory mechanisms evolve and change over time and which regulatory mechanisms play a role in phenotypic evolution and plasticity. The topics ranged from regulatory processes explaining differences in phenotypes between populations and sexes in Drosophila, over the importance of mutation and selection on the evolution regulatory sequences in yeast to epigenetic processes controlling dynamic changes in insect behaviour. New insights were provided to the only partially explored role that gene regulation plays in evolutionary processes, a subject that might lead to a paradigmatic shift in evolutionary biology. At the same time, evolutionary inference will help to better understand cell biological processes at the molecular level.

Therefore, this symposium offered the unique opportunity to listen to speakers on this timely topic in one place. The event aimed at all interested scientists and students from both fields, from evolutionary to molecular biology.


The event took place as an online live stream. More than 100 external participants were registered.


Funding for this event was provided by the DFG (German Research Foundation) via the RTG 2526/1.


Many thanks to our international keynote speakers for their exciting presentation & lively discussions!

  • Patricia Wittkopp, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  • Franjo Weissing, University of Groningen, NL
  • John Parsch, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, DE
  • Kristin Tessmar-Raible, University of Vienna, AT
  • Nicolas Rohner, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, USA
  • Tanja Schwander, University of Lausanne, CH
  • Cedric Feschotte, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA

Scientific Organisers

  • Susanne Foitzik, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, DE
  • René Ketting, Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz, DE



Tuesday, 04 May 2021
13:00 Welcome
13:15 Talk by Kristin Tessmar-Raible
14:20 Short talks by GenEvo PhD students     
17:00 Talk by Nicolas Rohner
17:45 Final Remarks
Wednesday, 05 May 2021
13:00 Welcome
13:05 Talk by Tanja Schwander
14:10 Short talks by GenEvo PhD students     
17:00 Talk by Cedric Feschotte
17:45 Final Remarks
Thursday, 06 May 2021
13:00 Welcome
13:05 Talk by Franjo Weissing
14:00 Talk by John Parsch
14:55 Talk by Patricia Wittkopp
15:50 Internal Events

Please find the detailed schedule here.
All presentations, which are not marked as "Internal Events" aimed at all interested scientists and students.
For the "Internal Events" all GenEvos and keynote speakers were invited. A lively and individual exchange was performed virtually.
The event was concluded by a virtual game evening.